The Self Jector (SJ type) is a vertical centrifuge originally developed in 1942 to remove water and sludge from ships' engine lubricant. We have continued to improve this oil purifier, which is now in widespread use in various fields, such as power generation plants, the food processing industry, and the chemical industry.

K KM Type Siphon Peeler Centrifuges

This centrifuge is designed as an efficient solid/liquid separator for use in the pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical, and other chemical industries. The addition of vacuum force filtration and back-washing of the filter media allows for a high filtration speed and a wider range of uses.


Separation Disc Type Decanter Centrifuges

This next-generation decanter centrifuge employs a separation disc at the rotor, for a dramatic increase in separation capability. It is widely used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and wastewater treatment industries, and also in the treatment of semiconductors and mineral oil thanks to its precision.


KM Type Peeler Centrifuges (conforming to GMP)

The KM type peeler centrifuge enables automatic interior and posterior cleaning, and sterilization through the use of steam, in conformity with GMP (a standard for pharmaceutical production and quality control). Separated cake can all be collected with the residual heel layer removal system.